Community Chat with Angus Rogers of The Tomorrow Network

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We’re launching a series where we chat with community founders about their journey. Starting off this series, we’re excited to chat to Angus Rogers who founded The Tomorrow Network in 2018.  

Who are you?

I’m a 22-year-old student, currently finishing up my final few weeks reading Geography at Edinburgh University.

I’m curious about how the world works and I enjoy spending time with people who share a similar energy. I’m interested in exploring social behaviour to understand how we can create systems which promote healthy and happy communities.

Who is your community?

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

Founded by students in 2018, The Tomorrow Network set out to create a space where people can grow. Our mission is to make sure that you are never the smartest person in the room.

We break everything we do into connect, talk, explore:

  1. We run events in Edinburgh to connect students who have something exciting to say.

  2. We get these students talking by publishing conscious content through our social media channels.

  3. We encourage our community to turn this talk into action by supporting local initiatives through a collaborative approach.

Why did you start your community?

The Tomorrow Network was born in 2018 through a combination of frustrations. On the one hand, I was concerned about the glorified images of ‘success’ which saturate social media and the noise which came with much of this content.

On the other hand, I had identified a loneliness associated with entrepreneurship which I wanted to fix by connecting individuals who could share their skills and ideas with an exciting community of students.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced over the past 9 months has been creating barriers.

A successful community requires a way of monitoring who is and who isn’t part of your community. There needs to be a way of quantifying positions in the community, and setting clear expectations.

Starting out, I was reluctant to put up any barriers as I didn’t have enough clarity over what I was trying to build and who I was trying to build it for.

I felt as though I would be setting my expectations too high if I was screening certain individuals away from joining the community and then demanding actions from the members who I did accept.

I’ve learnt that the key is to have a really clear idea of why someone would want to join your community and how a member can benefit from joining.

Where would you like your community to be in 5 years?

The 5-year vision for The Tomorrow Network is for members to be able to arrive in a city anywhere in the world, and use the phones in their pockets to access a community of interesting individuals who care about sharing human experiences. Being human matters and I’m worried that modern society is forgetting that.

You know when you stumble across one of those restaurants where the owners will take the time to ask where you’re from, give you recommendations for places to visit, or instead of ordering food from the menu, they’ll “bring over something you’ll like”? Can you picture the scene?

In five years, I want The Tomorrow Network to be a digital community that’s just like that restaurant. I want it to be limitless in scale but to have a real sense of intimacy, energy and human connectivity.

Interested in joining?

The Tomorrow Network are always looking for new members to join their community of ambitious students. Angus and his team run events in Edinburgh which give students the opportunity to make friends, share ideas and start new chapters.

So long as you bring enthusiasm & ambitious ideas to the table, all students are encouraged to apply, whether you’re based in Edinburgh or not. The Tomorrow Network are planning to spread their community to universities across the UK and beyond.

You may be just the person they’re looking for.

You can also check out The Tomorrow Network’s website and their Facebook page.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know more about Angus’s story and The Tomorrow Network. The Gen is an ecosystem developed to help supercharge community growth for communities like The Tomorrow Network. If you’re interested in adding your community to The Gen, you can sign up here.