Looking to grow your community?


The Gen is an ecosystem for communities to connect and grow.

Rather than battling to create a community from the ground up yourself, The Gen is the space to learn from other communities and supercharge your growth.

How does it work?


The Gen is an ecosystem to develop all of the parts of your community


Shape and build your community

Want to start a community, but you’re not sure where to start? That’s where The Gen comes in. From shaping and building your community, we’ve got the building blocks to set down strong foundations.

Execute excellent events

Events should be part of the community growth - not the climax where activity drops off afterwards.

With The Gen, you’ll see how to host events which accelerate your community growth and deepen community connections.

Connect with other communities

A key part of growing your community will be connecting with others. We have an ecosystem of communities, all using The Gen to shape their events, experiences and development.

Assess and grow your community

Helping you understanding the need for assessment, evaluation and using that information to grow further.

a collection of birds sitting on wires symbolising an ecosystem

The NC500, a coastal tourist road in Scotland