The Story Starts Here:


Andrew Barrie and John Hibbert bootstrapped a business from just 2 guys and a dog, to global domination.

Over a few years the business pivoted from consultancy to FinTech and had grown from 6 to 60 staff. Goldman Sachs had just invested in the business – the reason for the photoshoot (below).

But I know the story. I know what a mess I was in. I see my dead eyes. Burnt out. Toast. Alone.
Worse, I know what happened next.

Build your Social Capital with The Gen

We're challenging the status quo to accelerate your business growth.

Social Capital is the knowledge, experience, creation and energy you access from those around you and the networks you build.

It doesn’t come from your 1,000 connections on LinkedIn or all the hands you shook at that network function last night.

It comes from those few people who you can be brutally honest with.

It comes from hard to access individuals round the world or round the corner that you can’t see yet.

Who want to be part of your journey. It also comes from your future clients, collaborators, staff, even competitors. It will help determine your strategy, priorities, best place for your IP, who you hire and even find the best sources of investment for you.

Here’s how the Gen works

Building Social Capital requires as much thought, focus and effort as any other critical element of strategy. It needs the right environment of Trust, Empathy and Reciprocity to flourish. We will work with you, give you the tools, access the networks and create the environment to build your business. For free.

Here are the steps we will help you through…..


Identify your asks

What social capital do you have? How does this impact your business?

Discover who to connect with

Find that group of individuals who will be part of your Social Capital.

Showcase you, your company and your needs.

Quickly and effectively connects with people who can and want to help.

Develop your story

We will develop presentational and digital communications that best facilitate discovery and connection.

We will deploy techniques that we think best suits where you are, your audience and what you are trying to achieve.

Trust & authenticity

We will develop an accreditation/authentication process that helps you cut through the bullshit and find the people who can genuinely help you.

Continue connecting

We will introduce you to our physical and digital spaces and techniques that match the connection you want to make, and your ask.

Give & take

We will help you identify others that need your help.

We will then use the trust framework above to create an impact profile for you.

The currency that will be key to help you attract others to build your own Social Capital.