Here’s some of the stuff we find interesting.

The Kauffman Foundation

There is too much inspirational thinking and action from KF to do it justice here. Go to and get stuck in. The link below is to one of my favourites. 3 in 1000 people start their own business. But the other 997 need to get involved too. That’s what the Gen is about.


Scottish Tech Is Still Missing A Vital Cog

27 September 2018 by Polly Purvis|

"The challenge is... finding people with the right skills – on the technology side, of course, but also those specialist commercial skills that complement the technology and are an essential element of company growth."


4 Reasons Social Capital Trumps All

22 September 2014 by Chris Cancualosi

"They say every entrepreneur needs three kinds of capital: financial, human, and social."


Rachel Botsman

Rachel presents on Trust and the Collaborative Community. She is an inspiration for us, the way we think and what we need to do to build the right environment to build Social Capital. Her YouTube video below is a favourite - but look for others!


50 Big Companies that Started with Little or No Money

Joseph Flaherty, Director of Content & Community.

We are obsessed by raising finance too early in our development. This article gives great examples of other ways to build business.


Tom McCallum

Tom writes a blog every day. He gets right to the heart of the human side of being a leader or business founder. The link below followed a lovely lunch we had……